Garden spot for relaxation

We probably stressed and sometimes that jewel of every home – big or small, is a garden – small or large?

Outdoor living under the stars

Well, it is true that we all love these jewels in the open, but in every garden there is also a focus which, if we follow the logic of jewelery comparisons shines like a diamond above everything else!

Landscape design

Just so we set and garden pavilion or just a place for outdoor entertainment, created by landscape architects studio from Australia – Rolling Stone Landscapes, designed the layout of the garden.

Summer kitchen

In fact, if Bulgarise little terminology, this is just a summer kitchen in the garden with dining area. Here has quite everything – barbecue, fireplace, sink and refrigerator and complement the comfort of this place for relaxation among the greenery of the garden.

Kitchen in the sky

Console table

We can not help but admire the design and the unique cantilevered dining table, which ensures that the barriers between chef and his guests no communication is very smooth.

Recreation area

A katat recreation composed of a comfortable configuration of garden furniture provides a comfortable space for sweet talk before the fire, after lunch or dinner already been completed.

Garden furniture

Rattan sofas they simply invited to relax or curl up in large soft cushions with a cup of coffee or something stronger in hand …

Large pool

And in addition to this luxury that surely appear in our dreams, a sumptuous swimming pool, as a real mirror reflects the sparkling lights of the night garden lighting, soaring between the images of the moon and the sky looked curious to see what happens in this daily outdoor!

Pool provides audio cool emotions

A heated passions guests and hosts could cool in fresh embrace of the water in the pool – and probably make it, but for us it remains only to envy them …

Summer Kitchen under the sky

We all love to define their kitchens as the heart of the home and that it is not only hackneyed expression – if we look at housing as a complete system, it no heart, ie, kitchen he could not function!

Summer kitchen

But beyond that is the most important part of the home, the kitchen can become in the heart of the garden as long as you allow it to be transferred there! Well, if not literally, because skeptics will say that it is impossible, it can create for its image just duplicate option, but under the stars!

Summer kitchen with outdoor oven

It is true that all owners of houses and cottages during the warmer months of the year enjoy a similar opportunity in the face of at least one barbecue and dining area. But summer kitchen actually has long outgrown some model variants grill + plastic table and a few chairs.

Lounge with outdoor kitchen

Today it is entirely possible to build a fully functional outdoor kitchen where pleasure and desire can be prepared and the most sophisticated dishes.

Kitchen floor penthouse

Will precede rebuttal of many that it’s all about opportunities and resources as pointed out that the pleasure to have such a beating heart of the garden, which will be the focus of family and friends shared happy moments worth such dreams come true.

Porch – cooking area

It is worth to consider the option of a summer kitchen in the design phase of the garden. If except green grass and flowers in the yard attend and vegetable beds, then their position will depend on the location of the kitchen.

Kitchen porch

Of course, the best place is covered porch, if the house has one. But if the kitchen will be situated in an alcove or in the open, it should be given some circumstances.

Outdoor kitchen

First, it must be built in such a position that the smoke from the outside fireplace, oven or grill to not enter the house or in that of their neighbors, if we want to maintain good relations with them – unless we invite them too often yet another lunch or dinner outdoors.

Gas grill in the summer kitchen

In the modern version of a summer kitchen grill than it is projected to and necessary for the arrangement of dishes and accessories cabinets, sink and worktop. Of course, it can add a small refrigerator, outdoor oven, and why not even a mini dishwasher. It is therefore necessary to ensure access to water and electricity. This will certainly increase the convenience of working in the kitchen and lighting will allow its use after sunset.

What is Self Storage?

More and more people today are finding it hard to manage the space they rent, own or lease and are turning to self-storage as a solution to cluttered personal and business lives. Whether you’re looking to store just a few items, archive your business paperwork or put most of your possessions in a safe place for a few weeks, months or years this could be a cost-effective and flexible solution for you.

So, just what is self-storage? Self storage offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves. As with more traditional storage methods, self-storage allows you to rent storage space where you can keep goods and belongings in specialist facilities. In the past, we have had to rely upon removal companies and large storage organizations to store on our behalf and have had to play by their rules with limited access, no flexibility, long-term contracts and high charges. With the advent of self-storage, we’ve been given a lot more choice.

Decorative Ponds

Among the wisdom of Eastern philosophy there claim that there are two things in the world that you can watch endlessly without ever you get tired – dancing flames of the fire and the frantic way of flowing water …

Pond and creek

This is undoubtedly because these amazing processes simultaneously soothe and hypnotize, remove as if magically accumulated stress and loaded with positive energy!

Effect of an ornamental lake in the garden

Just could not help but think of that story from childhood in which living water spasyavashte characters from any disaster – exactly what unique property of water can be saved, and people have the opportunity to capture a little magic in the framework what is actually decorative pond.


And do not you think that through such a facility, the garden seemed “awakening” to us and the world becomes more complete as a single organism resembling the natural scenery?

pond with bridge

The fact is that the biggest investment in terms of time, money and effort in building an ornamental pond at the beginning – then remained care primarily to clean water garden eye.

lake near the gazebo

The shape of the pond depends on the size of the garden and the preferences of those which he enjoyed. Round, set in a square frame or maximum faithfully recreating the form of patterns in nature is a matter of personal choice.


But little or as deliciously area, it always turns into a real garden gem!

Lake with fountain

The location of the pond in the garden also still depends on its capabilities, but it would be better it is at least 4-5 hours a day in the sun in order to properly develop plants that decorate it.

With a board of boulders

If possible, well okoo garden is not close to large shrubs and trees – fallen leaves are a beautiful sight, but to time or at least until they begin to rot and to change the balance in the water world of the pond.

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